Vietnam Human Hair Supplier Shocking Facts You May Not Know

If you run a hairstyling company and are curious about the quality of Vietnamese human hair, you will find this page extremely helpful. No matter how severe your case is or how strict your standards are, the Vietnam human hair supplier can accommodate you.

1.The process technology in Vietnam human hair supplier

Below is the process that Vietnam hair suppliers make hair extensions

  • Vietnam human hair supplier gathers raw materials: This is the first in the process of making hair extensions. The worldwide hair industry has been growing at a rapid clip in recent decades, attracting the attention of more and more nations eager to get in on the action. Vietnam was an early entrant in this market, and it has since attracted the attention of other distributors looking to expand their human hair supply.
  • Vietnam human hair supplier classifies raw materials: Following personnel gathered Vietnam human hair, carefully eliminating thin and blondish hair. Next Vietnam human hair supplier sorts depending on the hair’s hues, thickness, and patterns and gets the peak comparable. Every raw hair package is washed and distributed to the fake hair sector
  • Vietnam human hair supplier styles hair: The Vietnam human hair supplier begins the washing process by first soaking the hair in water. Since Vietnamese human hair may easily become twisted and ripped once wet, the provider takes great care to clean it carefully, from root to tip, without ever letting it touch water. Vietnam hair suppliers don’t comb damp hair, and neither does the retail hair merchant since the heat might damage the barrier. Alternatively, the hair is hung on a rack to cure spontaneously at the Vietnam human hair source.
The provider takes great care to clean it carefully, from root to tip, without ever letting it touch water

2. Tricks to know a reliable Vietnamhuman hair supplier

A few precautions could save you from potential trouble:

  • If your Vietnam human hair supplier is situated in this other country, you may still check out the hair extensions’ authenticity by having a webcam chat with them. Further, unfiltered photos of human hair in Vietnam are required.
  • Examine the company: All best vietnamese hair suppliers will make their contact details (webpage, helpline, location, license, and manufacturing photographs) available to consumers. Extra information on shampoo and conditioner and choosing the right natural hair are provided to help newcomers.
  • Ask questions only the Vietnamese human hair suppliers could answer: A supervisor will know everything there is to know about the manufacturing process. Do not even think about entering an agreement with the Vietnam human hair supplier you picked if they exhibit knowledge in any and all of your questions!
  • You need to be certain the manufacturer uses a secure delivery and payment process to guarantee there is a minimal break during transport.
    Validate the safety of the operation. To steal from your financial institution, several companies pose as payment processing providers. Look out for them!!

3. Top 3 Vietnam human hair suppliers

Below is top 3 Vietnam human hair suppliers that you can stick into

3.1 Vin Hair Factory – top 1 Vietnam human hair supplier

When it comes to hair production in Vietnam, Vin Hair Vietnam is a top choice.

  • The manufacturing facility earned 2021’s Top Famous Vietnam Brand Prize.
  • If a loyal client is, they are rewarded with special pricing and promotional offers.
When it comes to hair production in Vietnam, Vin Hair Factory is a top choice
  • The staff who assist customers at this Vietnam-based human hair vendor are really pros.

3.2. Mic Hair – top 2 Vietnam human hair supplier

If customers have strict standards for the quality of their products despite the cost, Mic Hair is a solid option for them in the Vietnam human hair supplier market.

  • Best-seller: Hair extensions, closures, and frontals are the top sellers for this human hair vendor in Vietnam.
  • This elevated hair has a velvety texture and a pleasant aroma.
  • Discounts are offered regularly to repeat clients of this Vietnam human hair supplier. The price is reasonable, and so is the quality.

3.3. Jenhair – top 3 Vietnam human hair supplier

Those who have used Jen Hair’s services have nothing but rave reviews.

  • The service team at this Vietnam human hair supplier is extremely committed to its customers. Quickness in answering inquiries from clients is consistently maintained. The same can be said for in an after support offered. For more information about Jen Hair, read
  • To further ensure the safety of their customers, the company has made their exchange and insurance policies accessible on the internet.
  • The pricing is approximately $190-$220 for 1 kilogram of Vietnamese human hair strands in a hue. This price is reasonable for one very good product in contrast to others offered in other nations in the same standard of quality.

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